Kendall 100% Blackout Foam Back Window Curtain - Set of Two

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Block out 100% of the sun with these microfiber solid blackout curtains and take control of your privacy. These panels hang from elegant stylish Brushed Gold colored metal grommets. These panels have a width of about 36", and Length of your choosing. Energy Smart Foam backing blackout fabric balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chills. Protect your furniture, floors, and artwork from the effects of the sun, the drapes will pay themselves off over time.

Available in short 63" length, the standard 84" length, the long 95" length, and even the extra super long 108" length. Measuring generously at 55" wide, these curtain will give you window the full look with less panels than normal. Package Contains (2) blackout Panels. Top consists of 6 Grommets rings with a 1.5 inch diameter. Panels are marked down from the start and are priced extremely competitively. Great Price and Great Quality available in 9 Solid colors. Easy care, Machine Washable.

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