Our Story 


Home Anatomy is a family-owned business that has been working in the textile industry for over 30 years. In late 2019, we took the plunge and became an exclusively online-retailer. Home Anatomy sells a variety of affordable home essentials without compromising quality. We pride ourselves in quick and attentive customer-service & providing  exclusive designs (and prices) you won’t find anywhere else.


Our Team


Based in Dayton, Ohio, our team is comprised of four brothers and six hard-working employees. We’re proud that our small-family business is now able to create jobs for our community and  provide all our employees with a livable income.


Our Brand


“The Small Details Matter”


Just like human anatomy, your home is made up of hundreds of small elements that don’t stand out on their own. Collectively, these minute details build up the comfortable and beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of.