1. Photo Backdrop For Your Guests



DIY your own elegant photo backdrop where guests can commemorate your special day.




Total Price: $35


  1. Table Runner



Throw a Home Anatomy Sheer Scarf  of your choice on a table and tie the ends with a ribbon for a simple, easy, and classy seating arrangement.


Home Anatomy Scarf -- $6.49 Each


  1. Ceremony Chairs


Too expensive to adorn every chair at your ceremony? Opt for the first chair of each row instead.



  1. Dress Up Your Back-Yard Wedding


Who said backyard weddings couldn’t be classy? Home Anatomy Sheer Scarves can turn any tree into an eye-catching piece of décor.



  1. Behind your Dining Table



With just two products, you can give your dining table the extra love it deserves.


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